Distros Of Choice

The best thing you can do is buy from bands directly (and see them live), however it’s not always an option. And sometimes your local record store has limited selection or their prices are too high. I encourage you to seek out and use small distros, try them to see if they are good and use word of mouth to promote them. Here are some online distros from which I have ordered with good results:

Sentinel Steel (USA) power metal specialist… http://www.sentinelsteel.com/

Stormspell (USA) heavy metal specialist… http://www.stormspell.com/

Echoes of Crom (USA) heavy metal specialist… http://www.echoesofcromrecords.com/

CDN (Canada) death metal specialist… http://www.cdnrecords.com/

Black Plague (USA) black metal specialist… http://blackplaguerecords.com/

Regimental (USA) black/death metal specialist… http://www.regimentalrecords.com/

Skull Fucking Metal (Canada) extreme metal specialist… http://skullfuckingmetal.blogspot.ca/

None More Black Records (Canada) RIP… underground merchants need your support

Suffering Jesus Productions (Canada) RIP… underground merchants need your support


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