Seamount “Sacrifice”

Seamount “Sacrifice” (2010) The Church Within Records

Seamount play catchy rock infused with the power of Doom. The “Sacrifice” album was the first I heard of them. I liked what I heard: thick riffs and memorable melodies paired with a dusky and familiar voice. The voice I recognized belongs to Phil Swanson, who’s sung for more bands than I can shake a stick at… Briton Rites, Hour of 13, Upwards of Endtime, Vestal Claret… the list goes on. Now be it known— Seamount operates in Germany… so you could say Sir Swanson (of the USA) really gets around!

It would seem that the world suffers from a shortage of metal vocalists who can do the old style justice. This would explain why Swanson is so sought-after. Speaking specifically of Seamount, it’s good ol’ rock music— heavy enough to be metal, dark enough to be Doom, not so traditional, but fairly original. Between songs the tempo and atmosphere are prone to change, slow to fast, dark to light. My track of choice could be ‘Gettin Through.’

Seamount might not be plain enough for professors of traditional Doom. And it might be too ‘doomy’ to attract them who seek that trendy retro-rock. While I’m a big fan of traditional Doom, I’m also a big fan of rock n roll. Now listen up… Doom IS rock n roll. Let Seamount serve to remind you what it’s about!


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