Album Review: Asteroid “II”

Asteroid – II (2010) Fuzzorama Records

Their first song I heard was ‘Time,’ the last song on this album. As soon as it passed through my ear canals I was mesmerized. I had known Witchcraft and Graveyard- I had my eye on retro-rock movements in Sweden- but Asteroid just blew me away.

This album “Asteroid II” comes three years after their 2007 debut. These three guys spill a unified sound involving thick bluesy riffs (think Kyuss) complimented by slower spacey grooves. The vocals stand out, remind me of Jim Morrison- if not quite Morrison they make up for it with strong vocal harmonies.

This album is potent, like their debut but with a bit more refinement. You owe it to yourself to listen to all the songs all the way through. The song ‘Lady’ for example, begins with a simple rumbling riff a la ZZ Top but halfway through it sinks into a relaxed star-filled-sky-atmosphere. It blends perfectly into the next track ‘Towers,’ which begins smoothly and rises into heavy riffage halfway through. This gives you a sense of this album’s flow and the thoughtful songwriting you will find here.

Asteroid breathe fire with relaxed ease. They take a classic blues-rock sound and push it in their own direction. From high perches of rock they plunge into the heavy deep of metal. Up from the dark shade of metal they float in the friendly reaches of rock n roll… Blast off. Rock on.


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